Our embroidery quality is on point! We have a fleet of embroidery machines that allow us to do large orders but, we can also accommodate smaller quantities as needed. Our experienced staff and our attention to detail will set us a part from the rest. Join thousands of other companies who trust us everyday for their embroidery needs.

Digitizing Your Design

Before your artwork is embroidered, it has to be digitized. This is a one-time process that converts a design file into a stitch file allowing our software to communicate with our machines on where to sew.

Because of the unique nature of stitching, sometimes small modifications have to be made to artwork before it’s digitized so we can ensure a clean embroidered design. But, we do our best to keep the design true to the original artwork if possible.

Some Things To Know

Embroidery is an art. Each job is unique and offers variables like design, thread and materials that can sometimes alter the result of an end product. We do our best to get you the best product every time, but please understand that variation is possible.

Artwork File Formats

We prefer artwork to be vector art with everything converted to curves. But we can work with:

Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, PDF (vector format), EPS, Hi-Resolution JPEG (300 DPI or greater)