promo items for breweries and restaurants



When you work with us, it is our goal to develop the fastest, easiest way to gear up your staff with uniforms and your regulars with swag. Your business moves fast and you need to be managing customers and staff instead of taking time to hunt for promotional products and apparel. We will do the shopping for you and help you pick products and can even provide samples.


If you have more than one location or onsite merch and you need to streamline ordering, we can create a custom online storefront that includes staff uniforms or merch selections, where staff or management can shop and order. It can then be shipped right to you quickly and efficiently!




•  People love clothes, making apparel a top promotional product
•  Increase brand exposure
•  Improve relationships with already loyal customers. Get them on your bandwagon with catchy sayings and fun designs

Bottle Openers

•  Eye-catching design
•  Practical: Can be carried around and used at own convenience
•  Brand exposure

Beer Glasses

•  May be used as a gift or in-store
•  Association of your brand to a high-quality glass creates an inferred link between a quality product and your brand


•  Used with every drink served

promo items for breweries and restaurants


logos from some brands we sell