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Newest Promotional Product Trends for 2019

By February 15, 2019 January 17th, 2020 No Comments

It’s that time of year again where we update you on the newest promotional product and apparel trends! Although the promotional products industry is rooted in traditional customizable products like pens, apparel, drinkware and office supplies, this years’ popular trends offer alternatives and enhancements to your traditional favorites.

Here are some of the promotional product trends to watch for in 2019:


Mix it up by considering promotional products that have texture! Textures create dimension and interest to any promotional product. The most popular textures this year include wood grain, leather, concrete, and marble! In addition, one texture that is really making a statement is cork. Some of the popular items featuring actual cork or cork texture include everything from bags, and journals, to hats and mugs.  Ask for textured options this year. We have some popular sunglasses that come in a wood grain texture that may be the perfect fit!

Check out this video featuring some of the cork products.


A 2018 trend continuing throughout 2019 are techy promotional products particularly wireless items. Products such as wireless headphones and chargers are lightweight and portable, but most importantly they are a great way to show off your logo. Plus, now that some of the ear buds charge in the case, the branded case is no longer a throw-away – it provides a lasting impression. 


People love promotional items that offer maximum efficiency and are different as well as fun! This is apparent when we consider the continuing popularity of products doing more than one thing. This year already, we have seen a rise in multi-functional drinkware. What is more fun than a water bottle that also has a bluetooth speaker in the base or the cap. Overall, there is a consumer trend towards minimalism which multi-functional products perfectly tap into.

It’s always interesting to see what new promotional product trends will emerge from year to year.  Overall, promotional products that are strategic, well-designed, and creative will be the items that get your brand noticed.

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