Corporate Apparel – Socks, Ties, Scarves and Dress Shirts!

By January 29, 2018 November 4th, 2019 No Comments


Our Facebook live video from January 29, 2018 was geared up to show you some fresh ideas for corporate apparel. Check out our Facebook page every Monday at 9 am when we go live to feature products and give you ideas for branded gear. I know when one thinks of corporate apparel they might immediately envision a embroidered dress shirt, but we have a lot more options for you to consider for employee gifts, apparel and gear.

First, how about custom socks? We love socks! You can get them decorated different ways depending on your design, budget or preference. They come with a knit-in custom design where your logo, icon or brand message can be custom stitched into the sock as it’s being produced. You can also pick a more athletic style crew sock.  Those can be sublimated giving you a full color design on the upper tube part of the sock. There are also options to get them embroidered or printed as well. Those come in different colors and materials to fit you needs from dress to casual.

We can also help you with custom branded ties and scarves. It could be fun to have your logo displayed on all employees male of female with these custom gifts. Plus, employees love them! They come in silk, cotton or polyester with step and repeat design patters options or just an imprinted design.

Finally, you can pair these unique ideas with a more traditional button up dress shirt or blouse. You can even layer it with a sweater or 1/4 zip to get a layered branded look that is professional and attractive.

We can help you with all of your branded corporate apparel needs and much more – Gear up and Get Noticed! Thank you for your interest in The Gear Group.