5 Ways Corporations Use Promotional Products

By April 28, 2017 No Comments


Giving a client or prospect a tangible branded item is a great way to get brand exposure. It’s marketing at it’s most basic form; it’s simple, yet effective. Your promo item will be a constant reminder to the recipient to contact you. It also gives them a positive feeling about your business. There are many opportunities to use promotional products in addition to just giveaways to get your brand in prospects hands. The following list gives you five ways that you can use promotional products for a corporate promotion.

  1. Promote Your Brand – Giving customers and prospects useful branded merchandise will increase the chance that they will do business with you and it keeps your brand top of mind. Give them a pen, bag, shirt, mug or lanyard with your logo. Promotional products like these increase loyalty and increase the chance that a prospect will reciprocate your gift and do business with you the first time. When you are designing your imprint, its usually a good idea to also include your web address.
  1. Product launch – Find a clever product, tie it in with a product launch and you have a unique promotion. For example, if you are launching a new line of packaged dinners and you create custom utensils to send out as part of a direct mail campaign you are more likely to get traction with the launch. The recipient feels as though they have received a gift. Get creative and get sales. This is where our marketing background at the Gear Group comes in handy.
  1. Tradeshow Giveaways –  When considering your booth, message and giveaway for a Tradeshow, creativity wins.   Remember not all items are limited to just imprints, so get creative with the message or image you choose. You could even put your offer right on the item. We would not suggest giving away the cheapest item. It will likely not make an impact and therefore ineffective.
  1. Sponsorships – A mutually beneficial way for a corporation to sponsor an event is to provide an item they need. For example, trade shows need lanyards, golf tournaments need golf balls, and art fairs walk-a-thons and concerts need t-shirts. Put your brand on the item and donate it to the cause.
  1. Employee giveaways – Your employees are all over the community. Why not send them with logoed compay gear. You can offer them using pens, cups, and apparel. You can distribute products as internal rewards or drawings or just give employees a budget to buy products a few times a year. Either way the goal is to have employees  expanding your brand even when they are not at work.