At The Gear Group, we often rave about our custom acrylic awards and sometimes lose track of the fact that our awards are truly unique. We forget that not everyone can create custom acrylic awards with unique images, shapes, and dimensions all at an affordable cost.

How are our awards different than others?

University of Michigan custom acrylic award

The Blue and Yellow are printed to the back and the icons are printed on the front of the award.

Well, for starters, we can design these awards with unique graphics that can print first and second surface. This means some of the design will be printed on the front of the award and some on the back and show through the clear material. This will enhance the background of the design and will create a dimensional effect that is visually interesting and creative.

Highschool custom acrylic award

The custom shape of this award allows for the letters to stand out and read easily.



Additionally, we can create these in just about any custom shape you can imagine. This also promotes creativity and effectiveness. It also supports branding and brand consistency as we are able to create custom acrylic awards in the shape of your logo or icon.

Finally, we can offer these in different thicknesses and applications so, in addition to a stand-alone piece, they can be integrated into custom projects with wood, other plastics or even other acrylic pieces and become something unique and layered.

The versatility of this product allows for it to be used in multiple applications as well. We digitally print a lot of acrylics for corporate awards and recognition programs and also for schools and sports. They are a great show piece to display on a desk or in a cabinet or to proudly display in a lobby. From bankers to coaches, we have a custom solution for your needs. Plus, we have experienced promotional product experts that will help you customize your custom acrylic award. They are as low as $6.50 each. Check it out!