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Promotional Hats for Businesses

By October 12, 2016 No Comments

Hats are a popular promotional product for gifts, giveaways, or businesses who use apparel to market and promote their retail brands. From Patagonia and Harley Davidson to your local breweries, hats are a key product that consumers love to buy and wear. According to the 2016 ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) Impressions study, 42% of U.S. consumers who keep promotional hats do so because they are attractive, second only to outerwear.

When considering how to create the perfect cap design for your brand, it is important that you consider your target audience. What do they like?  What will they buy? What do they already wear? There are so many styles to choose from. You can get winter hats, baseball caps, sun hats, and many more.  You can get a structured hat offering more definition and shape or unstructured. You can get a flat bill, round bill, fitted hat or one with an adjustable back with choices on the type of closure. There are also materials and colors that offer completely different appearances. There are hats that are frayed or faded when they are new verses having a vibrant color and fresh out of the box appeal. Knowing what your audience likes will help you to narrow down the choices.42% of consumers keep hats because they are attractive

With decoration you can make almost any hat look nice, but this is where you want to consider your budget and campaign goals so that when you create the design and select a decoration method you are in alignment. You can get creative with the placement of graphics on a hat. You can use the front, back, sides, bill, inside etc. Decoration methods typically include embroidery, imprinting, embroidered patches or one can also embroider raised lettering or imagery to give added depth and design. Finally, you can use more than one method of decoration per hat to help align the project. For example, you can pair a front logo embroidery with an imprint of the tagline on the back. If done right, the contrast in decoration will be creative and bring dimension to the hat. Check out our hat montage to see some styles or feel free to call on of our experts for ideas on how you can get the perfect hat.