american flagWe sell American made products. Today, as national news focuses on the changing landscape of the major players in overseas shipping, know that at The Gear Group we offer thousands of products made right here in the USA. Hanjin, a giant South Korean shipping company, is in bankruptcy. How does that affect you? Well, it might affect cost and access to overseas products that would be in transit to the U.S. via container ships. In addition it could affect product availability for the 2016 Christmas Season. Because we sell “Made in the USA” products, we can still provide great products on time.

The collapse of Hanjin has made us proud that The Gear Group our affiliations and partnerships were not all established because of cost, but also quality. The reason Hanjin is in bankruptcy is largely due to the price wars that were put in to play to fill these giant container ships. Price wars between shipping companies did result in low-cost shipping on goods overseas, but they were so low they lost money. Now, they are in bankruptcy. And, now their customers suffer.

In the promotional products and apparel industry it is important to research vendors and think about how your company can benefit from partnering with other strong companies. Are your vendors strong? Are they relying on quality partners and affiliates to bring you the best value? We are.  Companies like us, and hopefully you, make great partners and offer customers great value.

We sell American made products, but also products from overseas as needed. Due to our relationships, this collapse should not affect our inventory or customers now or for the Christmas rush as it will for some companies. Hanjin was estimated to handle about 8% of all US cargo.  According to Reuters, following the collapse of Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd, container shipping rates from Asia to the United States spiked 50 percent as the carrier’s customers scrambled for ships. Wow! We can help you with thousands of products and offer the same price today as we did yesterday. Thank you for your interest in our company, your business and your partnership. We appreciate you!